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Congratulations - she's gorgeous. louis vuitton bags


Congrats. Can't wait to see them! louis vuitton bag

,Thankfully I haven't. None of my friends wear designer so I never know if they know what I am carrying or just keeping their opinions to themselves. louis vuitton replica,

I agree that it is something you should try on for yourself. I was actually looking at both sizes last week and there really isn't that much of a difference between them. The 30 is 2" longer than the 26 and the other dimensions are the same. To me the 30 looked more proportionate than the 26. Also the 26's handles were too short for my liking. louis vuitton outlet

,Loving my delightful. Just bought it again in a bigger size. And I also am rebuying neverfulls because I really missed them when I sold them. louis vuitton replica,Love your collection. Congrats LV,

I voted for the Estrela, because it is fresh and a really nice style. The Delightful would be my second choice. The Palermo sticks out too much at the base, and the Neverfull straps are too thin. louis vuitton handbags


this sucks i would report it lv bag